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Beli Blue Hole
Beli Blue Hole
Added by: Jure Daić
Location: Beli Blue Hole  (45.06608°, 14.37423°)
DEPTH: 10 - 19 m
SKILL: Advanced
The cave is easy to reach with a boat from island Krk or Belo on island Cres. It is located 2,6 Nautical Miles south from Beli. The cave has two tunnels in Y shape and they are 20-30 meters long and the deepest point is 19m. Do dive through it is enough to dive 10m deep. Narrowest diameter of smaller tunnel is around 2 metres. It is suitable for SCUBA beginners and advanced freedivers.

On each side of a tunnel just some 10m away there are nice deep walls and it is perfect diving spot with lots of fish and sea life because of constant current.